I live in Connecticut - Norwalk - I love organic and seek out organic food stores and restaurants that support local organic farmers. I'm all about healing the planet; healing our bodies and researching what is best for my grandbabies! They're next!  I raise chickens and bees and am hoping to bring geeps (ask me about these cuties) into the picture soon. We make about 4-1/2 gallons of maple syrup annually.

I love selling NYR Organic Skincare from the U.K. and educating people about what's in the products we put on our bodies and use in our homes.


About my coaching:

I am having the most filled up life. I've worked for a vet, owned a pet shop, acted and sung on stage, been a shiatsu massage therapist, cleaned out and organized people's homes, been a patient advocate, volunteered in hospice, raised 4 children, loved doing talk therapy for college students, GC'ed a construction job(s), raise chickens (42 right now), created and ran a non-kill cat shelter, survived a year of anxiety attacks, studied pottery for 5 years and even have a few pieces left, got my master's degree in social work, studied with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, ran a home--based day-care, created an independent study program around death and dying, wrote a book about death and dying, did a Vision Quest out in the Slickrock Canyonlands, became an independent consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies, AND there is so much more.        



If you'd like a catalog or some samples just email me your address. Have a great Day!



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I am happy to schedule a one-on-one with you or hostess a workshop or help you with gift selections.

Contact me by phone or email or visit my website.

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